Worst Cities in Georgia

Worst cities to live in Georgia…Pelham. Is it the town or the people?

Worst cities, in which to live, raise a family and survive in life is Pelham, Georgia. Pelham, Georgia is in an uproar. Without a doubt, Pelham, Georgia leads the way in being one of the worse cities, in which to live in America and it’s all has to do with “a seriously flawed system of justice and inhumane treatment”, to what appears to be a helpless people, who has given up all hope.

Inhuman treatment - a cruel act; a deliberate infliction of pain and suffering. cruelty · abuse, ill-treatment, ill-usage, maltreatment - cruel or inhumane... is what's going on there to our very young, seniors and women.

The system is seriously flawed due the likes of people like, Dumb-Ass Creech and Uncle Tom-Ass job scared Timmons, Phony Scamming Ass Contractor Lynn Buckner, the Stupid Immature Scary Ass Pelham Police Department, the entire department…

Pelham, a city of four thousand plus citizens, is best known for Police Brutality, shooting and killing unarmed innocent people, denying at least one phone call, issuing $600 fines first offense driving without glasses, unauthorized searches due to broken headlight... Today, a small group of people, actually had the nerve to protest. What are parents teaching children? How do you explain the inhumane treatment? Because of this inhumane treatment, you could live right if you tried. You are actually being forced to live wrong. If you do not know human rights, how can you ever respect civil rights? If you don’t have human rights, how can you have civil or any other kind of rights? What does all that say about being neighborly?

Who are the culprits? They are the people who run Pelham, Georgia and the people who do nothing about it. As a matter of fact, they make things worse by covering it up. They are of the mentality that bad becomes good when you don’t tell nobody. They are of the mentality that if you cover it up, it never existed. That if you put your hands over your eyes, it never happened and this includes the attorneys in Pelham, Georgia. They believe the more you beat and abuse citizens, the more productive they become. Are you teaching your children to dependent or independent? Economic and social decline, everyone is abusing the system, there are well out of control. The better you act, the worse they treat you. The better citizen you are, the more you are denied. Also keep in mind, these and this evil behavior is all being demonstrated by devout - Christians, Farmers, Teachers, Administrators, Bosses, Preachers… So exactly what are the people doing?

One person asked me, “What is right”. If you do not “know and practice” that, then you understand why there is so much violence and abuse, especially being hidden in small towns. How do you make sense out of something or someone that and who doesn’t make sense?

Is that why your children walk the streets like they do? Is that why the crime rate is so high and soaring? Is that why your system of educating is no good; and educating them to be non-productive citizens? How do you ever learn to work together?

Writing about what is actually happening to you is a form of release and relief. Truth exposes real problems to be resolved, before they get out of control. It is better to know what not to do than it is to do, Pelham, Georgia is one of those things.

What about your city?

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