Prosper Together

What is your role in all of this?

Are we supposed to be together? How can we together prosper? How can we prosper each other? Do you possess the courage to be different? Only you know.

I hear some of our special educated people saying, they got it going on and from the outside, it looks that way. Isn’t that the same with all of us?

I say that because you can get feeling down about yourself? How many of us are perfect? How many of us are short, one way or another? So why do you feel inadequate because you don’t meet the expectations that someone else laid? Lay out your own.

Expectations, not norms are killing us? We fail to deal with our system of norms, all because of what “they say”. I got no money? I can hardly pay my bills? My car? My health? My age? Death? Taxes? My wife? You are supposed to be the provider, you are supposed to mop the floors, you are supposed to… So where do you fall short, in which of these do you fall short? So what exactly is your role in all of this, what's mine?

Think, what’s most important to you, God, your friends, your family, money, power, truth? What are you missing and where can you find it?

Where is GOD? Who is He? Where does He reside? You just cannot do without being true to yourself and you cannot prosper ALONE. You can push for somethings but you can't make it happen, why not, because you are doing it alone. Whee is your "we"? 80/20 rules.

May God Give YOu.

(((your inner

Manufacturers in life

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