Evicting a Family

Why can't we solve our own problems, while maintaining peace and harmony??

My daughter came home the other day, with her children, my grown ass son never left home and he's 50+ years old, are these all definitions for being HOMELESS...? What would a man say? When was the last time we evicted a President from the White House?

How do you evict a family member? What happens when you fall into a situation where you cannot help yourself?

You can pick your friends, but not your family members. Ever had a family member you wish you have never seen? How can that be? What do you do when one brother is trying to destroy the others?

You know all the time that your brother is up to some monkey shit, but you just don’t know what kind? You can’t even imagine, you never would have thought someone, anyone would go to such lengths to destroy his own family, at risk of destroying himself? Suicidal or what? Battered women have been through this shit.

I know you do not have this kind of sibling rivalry going on in your home. So, I ask you, What do you do when one brother is trying to destroy the house and refuses to leave?

You’ve contacted the system, but they fail to see the severity of the problem and ignore it. You’ve talked with the ailing brother for years, encouraging him to get help, but now it has all come to a head. You had an emergency and the responders discovered several flagrant violations, you never would have noticed without? You are shocked to learn the brother you have been and are so desperately trying to help is determined to sabotage you, everything your parents and you have worked for and those concerned, to death.

This ailing brother knows better how to utilize the system and is willing to use the system more than you ever will know and to his own selfish advantage. Therefore, those in the system are fooled and think you are the problem. It does something to you on the inside, but you ignore what’s happening on the outside.

As you are seriously concerned with the health and welfare of your ailing brother, you are equally as concerned with the safety and security of your other brothers and friends. Where do you go to get help? Is it my brothers who allowed him to get away with so much bullshit? Did you allow G.W. Bush to get away with too much bullshit? How do you evict a family member?

Which brother do you trust? Which one is truly the problem, because you know it takes two to tangle? How do you get this all under control? Which one is retaliating, who? Who is really the victim? Is it the parents? My brother is out in the world destroying beautiful people and families – battered women. How do you stop them? Do all of us need to go?

If you must result to the system to resolve your problems, will you always need the system to maintain your problems?

You ask me how I come up with all these ideas… this is what is really happening day to day and on a global scale. How do you stop the madness? So how do I evict you? Where are you going? Who is my brother's keeper?

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