Genius IN YOU

I'm going to LET YOU OUT OF JAIL. What's the skeleton key?

The Genius IN YOU. People say you can't make nobody do nothing, what!!�� I am here to bring out the genius in you. Do have a genius in you?

Have you ever had a good whipping? Do they hurt? What you in there hollowing for is only going to get you extra.! Sometimes you have make shit come out - happen.

For all of you who do not care about your country, it's time for a change. If you care about self, then you must care about all surrounding you.

You can no longer stand idly by and let this shit keep happening, think about it? And I ain't taking all this responsibility on myself, you have a responsibility as well, tell the truth.

You must discover and utilize the genius in you. Do not worry about what others think and feel, in truth we will AAALLL be on the same sheet of music. Johari

Do you know you are only using "less than one percent of your brain"? Because everything is being dictated to you and you just do not think for yourself - Leave it Beaver. LIving animated lives, somebody else is calling all your shots -nothing more than a cartoon character--you.

When we awaken the genius in everyone, we're going to be on the same sheet of music, isn't that what we all want... Three Stooges All for one and one for all, how else do you get reasoning and logic. In the most efficient and effective manner, how do you accomplish a major task so EVERYONE WINS? Just following the "dumb ass script" Do you enjoy being a dumb Ass?

What's a skeleton key - the master key. HOw do you create one to fit all locks, what so damn hard about the shit. We've had so many more greater challenges and won, why let this shit go on and on. IF you are so damn smart???? WE worked it out for them every time, so why not for us/peace sakes?

What good is it for me to be the only damn genius. Share your truths so we all can learn, believe and ACT, NOW.

The Genius in YOu is the master key, the skeleton key.

(((your inner

knowing nothing

Knowing nothing and she doesn't either

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