How Evil Are YOU


Would you do something evil and nasty to an innocent person, even if it was your job?

It is amazing at the evil jobs and deeds we are willing and ready to perform all because we've been given authority. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s scary, unthinkable, unimaginable, but we do them without hesitation – Slavery, Indian wars, jobs, society, prayer, prisons...

We detest our distant neighbors for such evil acts, but when it comes to us, our morals and ethics give way to job and authority. Do you see all the stupid stuff people do, in order to keep their jobs?

Does society set us up for moral and ethical failure? What inspired me was watching tv show CUROSITY and this particular show was How Evil Are You. An experiment was conducted consisting or a learner, a teacher and a doctor. The doctor was the authority figure, monitoring and instructing the teacher in administering punishment to the learner when he incorrectly answered a question. All participants were paid and in the majority of cases continued to administer extreme punishment to an innocent learner, all because that had agreed to take the job. What kind of people is that?

At what point will you stand up for your moral and ethical standards? I think on all kinds of people and professions doing the same thing, just because they have been authorized by their jobs – police, teachers, preachers, leaders, car dealers, communities, individuals. We’re nowhere near as morally and ethically strong as we think and portray. If you are instructed by an authority figure not to pray, then in order to keep your job you wouldn’t pray. If instructed to teach things that are a waste of time teachers would do that in order to keep their jobs and the list just goes on.

How evil are you? We will ignore all moral and ethical standards to inflict inhumane treatment on innocent people for a dollar. Sad but true, that is how great atrocities get started and last so long. We too slow in standing for our moral and ethical beliefs. We justify that by saying the authority figure is responsible, even though we’re the ones pushing the buttons.

It’s all nice and good, you are as evil as hell, until you are in the “hot seat”.

(((your inner

Is my glass half empty or full? The more I do, the worse it gets.

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