The more I do, the worse it gets


Is there any consequence for overlooking the obvious? Is it positive?

Is that fact of fiction? What does that tell me? Is it fact of fiction? Have you noticed? Isn't that just the opposite result of what we're working?

Do you have any sense of responsibility for what’s going on? Are you just a spectator watching helplessly from the sidelines? Just what do you do when it is so obvious, the more we do the worse we get.

In one direction is HOPE and in the other is DOOM, why do we choose DOOM?

If it were a family member,we would have them admitted to a mental institution. If it was a spouse, we would divorce them. Does that tell you, not nearly enough are being admitted?

Look how we applaud and pat ourselves on the back when we know, no matter how good what we're doing is, it causes nothing but harm the way we use it.

I don’t care in which discipline of life you look, even those which are the most near and dear to us, when you look in, the more we do to help, the worse it gets and we refuse to change and we are DOOMED until we do. What good is working in vain?

What kind of reasoning and logic is that? The more money we make, the more we want, the worse it gets and it's just a downward spiral from there. Why, how can we be in such a serious state of denial? How can we keep lying about the situation? Isn't that cause for serious depression?

We are supposed to be in "the people helping people business", but the way we do it, the less people are helped? Yet, every other business seem to be more important. I can't be patient, when I know it's not working.

Should I give up? Am I all wrong? Why don’t they give up? Chose HOPE.

(((your inner

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