Examining Scriptures

Enlightened by the truth

Not everyone feels the way you do. Those who believe in the Bible are a minority - .1 percent of the earth’s population.

Some even feel referencing your whole life on the Bible turns others against you. They call you Jesus Freaks.

Giving a person a Bible is how you make Atheists.

Okay, my question is, Why don’t more people what to follow Christians, by reading and being obedient to their Bible?

My answer is: There is no worse hypocrite than a Christian, especially the American ones.

Why is that? I’m glad you asked, but I feel my answer may be prejudice because I am a Black Man?

What about Christian women?

Preachers, we just caught five of our best male Preachers playing naked together and at least one of them was married.

THE UNIVERSE: It does not take only "your God" to put the universe into action. As a matter of fact, is the word UNIVERSE too small to describe what God is doing?

Why do we always profess, claim that each and everyone of us have a direct connection to God, but EVERYBODY ELSE DOES NOT?

How can you stand your big fat ass up in front of everybody and tell them about being skinny? How can you stand your racist, collecting a big fat check ass up in front of everybody and tell them how to overcome poverty?

Why cannot we grow together? Why do you want to call my words angry and not call yours wicked, evil?

How can you tell me about Nuclear weapons when you have an arsenal? How can you tell me about peace when you don't have a peaceful bone in your body?

Why are you so determined to convert people? ARe you wanting to convert their religious beliefs or are you wanting to make peace with the world?

If you are in a hole and trying like hell to get out, why would you invite anybody else to jump in that same hole with you? Whatever happened to content? Me, I trying to pay bills.

That's a good point: Why not give your Bible to the Tax Accessors and hold them to it? That'll give the rest of us a break.

How can these trends puzzle our leaders when it's our leaders exacting them

Enlightened by the truth? Will enduring knowing your salvation is near help? No, but armed with understanding of reality, I find comfort and peace of mind in working for that change.

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