Playing by the Same Rules

If the country doesn't play by the same rules, how can families?

I listen to a lot of old sorry ass media personel and leaders tell us all about how fair shit is. They in every discipline in our lives including religion, and they know it furtherest from the truth as ever. They know it, but for a pay check, they put up the equal opportunity signs anyway.

If families do not play by the same rules, how can communities? Why do we go through all the effort to make it seem like we're Playing by the same rules? Why do we do more and more stupid shit?

Playing by the same rules in America. What would happen if some beautiful person, in America, laid out a vision and a plan for All Americans to work together? Would we accept it?

What if a nice person came up with a credit card and "forced fed" it to us, would Americans accept that?

If playing by the same rules mean success, what does "cronyism and corruption" mean? So, why would not any red bloodied American want to play by the same rules, why not?

What’s their logic and reasoning for one American being treated better than another? Do you think African and Indian Americans deserve special treatment? Then, why does Wall Street deserve to play by different rules than Main Street, when it's Main’s street money? Why does Main Street keep funding Wall Street?

If Main Street just sat down on their asses to prove a point to Wall Street, what would happen? Would things get better? Would there be a shot fired? Could we have peace? Does Main St. want to be treated better?

How does a rich man make money without a poor people? Was he born rich? Is there a such thing? Is he going to work his own fields?

If all Americans played by the same rules then all Americans would have a fair shot at success. Americans really would like to think they are smarter, top of the line, educated, upper crust; when the only thing we’re good at is “tricking people” – from checks to credit cards.

Even crazier, the ones who were tricked will not say a word, but try to trick the next man and now what?

Millions of times every year, financial institutions issue a new credit card agreement to their customers. And every year, millions of consumers receive new agreements and do not read them. They spell out the rights and obligations of both parties, but they provide legal protections for the issuer. This results in a dense and complicated document that is difficult for consumers to understand.

Things have gotten so bad that the The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau...

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