Excuse this time

You are running a race

It's a race for the best life we can lead.

You are running a race for the best life we can lead. You see one of your friends over on the side, out of breath complaining and giving up. What do you do?

Why would any sane human being run themselves “out of breath”? What the point and is it worth risking your life? Pace yourself.

What is your excuse this time? Are you a ruling class or what?

Sorry ass people make it hard on hard working people.

Traits. You meet people looking for something. They find it and then failure. You know it when they start out with excuses. The harder you fall, the harder it is to get back up. Most of what people are looking for is a good relationship.

You said you get what you give, so what is your excuse this time?

This trait is most prevalent in African-Americans, for we have fell so hard, it’s hard to embrace our own people. We’re so full of bullshit and together we’re detrimental to each other. You see the East Indians come over here with nothing and immediately become the Entrepreneurs you dream about? What’s happening?

Where is our economy within the economy? How can you succeed in their world without first succeeding your own? How do you earn respect?

Isolated incidents, like motown, cash money, johnson and johnson, harriet tubman, why don’t we pattern our lives after them. There are even countries where African-Americans stood boldly together against their adversaries and never fired a shot. They didn’t out respect for each other. They knew it was a matter of survival.

Those are the shoulders upon which you stand and they made it possible for the opportunities we have today. Now, what is your excuse this time.

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