Expectations, ExPOSED, Let Go

Calm Assertive, Let Go

I let go of expectations and let God renew my life.

When a much expected family member is late arriving or something unexpected happens in my life, I erroneously imagine a worrisome outcome. You know when you want something so bad you can taste it. Or do you have one of those friends who like to play games, they always want to surprise you, but when it comes to them, they do not want any surprises? What about a surprise party, all the strange activity leading upto it? Things like that can cause you to worry and worry can cause you to respond in strange ways. Well, here we go.

As soon as I am aware of my thoughts, I wake up to faith and remember God is present with and within me and my loved ones. I reject all negative notions and “accept” that All is well.

With my focus on the presence of God, I recover my sense of calm and balance. I clear my thoughts of everything except God, and I pray. As I relinquish control and settle into faith and love, I am restored to peace and joy.

Faith fills my soul. I feel lighter and my heart is uplifted. I see my loved ones safe and whole. I release any worry and let God restore my inner peace.

May the Spirit of God fill you with joy, peace and harmony, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.—BELIEVE.

Calm Assertive.--The Dog Whisperer


SBI on Expectations

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