Extraordinary versus Ordinary

An extraordinary performance, how often do you hear that these days?

You say, new words but the same old meaning? From where did "Whatever" ever come?

Out of the Ordinary, ever been so low, you felt you were at the bottom of hell? You catch hell getting out and do the others want to see you leave?

Ordinary versus Extraordinary? Are the parts larger than the sum of the whole? As we meet our extraordinary partners do we become ordinary people?

Living ordinary lives, for jobs we create armies, for an increase we start wars and advertisement pays for it all, all in the interests of winning political battles. Is that the extent of my imagination, is that the extent of my dreams, is that the extent of my reality? Will we win in Afghanistan? They are the one who are always finding the negative and shouting, "It can't be done!" For them, everything is always up-in-the-air.

How often do we probe the many underlining layers of social and moral issues for our own selfish well-being? How often are our minds so overtaxed, people stubbornly resist new and different ideas? How often are we faced with resistance, pushing only to experience people digging their heels in further? Where will that get us? What would extraordinary do for your quality of life? What about exploring the possibilities that exist within? We wish to have a strong united country, but what about its' people? In what does our hope lie? How is our ability to overcome personal setback and accomplish the extraordinary?

In reference to the possibilities in our lives, most only scratch the surface of their own "self-awareness"? Ordinary is the standard and requires little effort. Extraordinary is 'non-standard', optional and levies a greater burden upon daring partakers.

The distinction between ordinary and extraordinary cannot be understood without considering "our quality-of-life". Inspire your spirit, evaluate your setbacks, and muster the courage to take the extraordinary plunge into life. Helping others maximize their potential for achieving extraordinary things in life. That will build a true United States of America. Change how you feel by changing how you think.

And what is so extraordinary about this revelation is that if we CHOOSE, we can boldly pick up the pen and illustrate what might just happen in that tomorrow. I love that thought. I love the notion that if I consciously accept it, I have the power to write my "What happens next." Tomorrow...and every day thereafter. Which is better, "a good looking outside or a good looking inside"? Out of the Ordinary.

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Just where does mass media stand between Government options and Public "Opinion"?

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