Government option versus Public option

Slanting the News!

What would happened if you were caught "slanting the news"? A Fox News boss was caught.

Media released "leaked internal information" about huge corporate interests like News Corp. and Fox News emails detailing an in-house policy to regurgitate Republican talking points on the air to smear health care reform.

Finally we have proof that during the health reform debate Fox News ordered its reporters to use only Republican poll-tested language, such as "government option,"1 instead of the more precise and widely accepted "public option" to make the case that the offering would be a government takeover of our health care system.

Now is the time to fight back! Go here if you want to fight, other wise, it is what it is.

And I always wondered how biased is the news I get? I have been told, "there is not one word spoken or image shown on tv that has not been programed". Or more precisely and widely accepted, in the best interest of mass media? That is a sad statement, but from the bottom, up, it seems to be true. And you say, I do not know about what I am writing?

I always ask myself, "Is what I am writing in the best interest of the people or just me?

News Corp., Fox News & GOP Conspire to Kill the Public. Well, if you will kill "health care reform, would not that be saying, "You will kill the public"? Why are we splitting ourselves? Are we just posturing or are we really out for blood?

It is like no politician can get a grip on this health care reform and explain it in any fashion that compels us all to agree. Why not? There are two-sides to every story, but which side are you own? Is it that some politicians are being disagreeable because they have the devil in them. Where is the T-Chart with all the advantages and disadvantages posted clearly for everyone to see?

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