Need me for what???

If someone tells you they need you, then shouldn't they tell you why?

Why do white folk need black folk? Why did they commandeer our asses? What did we need them for and why?

Not I need you to do this or that, but I need you for this and that?If you are going to say someone needs you, then the obvious question would be, for what? For what do they need me? For what does any human being NEED another human being?

Why does America need Africans? Why didn’t they need Native Americans? Why do I need to take HISTORY? Why is there a need for Black History? What about women and children history?

Historically, how have we treated our children? How do you explain “Sharecropping”? How the owner is able to take a load of crops to the market, come back and tell you he ain’t got shit for all your work, labor, dedication, loyalty and crops? How do you explain that kind of shit to your family and there’s nothing they can do? Why didn’t you beat the shit out of the owner, like you threaten to beat me? Is sharecropping over? What about Jim, Jim Crow, has it been all that long ago, is it over? How do you explain the struggles for human rights, the dead of human rights leaders, yet we’re stuck here with all these “punk asses”? “Wild Bill…” is that your hero, was he? How many human beings did you have to kill in order to steal their land? How many slaves do you need in order do all your work, was it real- guns, gold and freedom to rape the land, how do you keep explaining you are doing otherwise-peace, harmony…? How do we explain lower crime rates, when they are higher than ever? No jobs, yet we keep working like a job is going to reappear? It is just a matter of time til “they” yo master put your ass back in chains.It’s okay for them to abuse the hell out of you, but when it comes to me??? It’s okay for them to write and publish shit for you to read and it becomes law. But me, dumbass old me, I just don’t know a damn thing, do I? Knowing and doing is two different things. How can you be any good for me when you’re no good to yourself? I ask myself that sometimes? How much shit do I waste, so it doesn’t lay up and rot?Are you a thing or a human being, what about your ssn? Is that really the best way to track human beings? Does it do any good? Why can someone, anyone steal it and do more with it than you ever could? Who do you think the real thief is? Why do you interrupt your thoughts to entertain theirs? Is it normal to entertain, wine and dine your enemy? Isn’t that how they got you? Why the shiny, fancy cars, are they really more economical? Remember economic and social decline? Why are they broke? Why do they need you, for what? Why do they have so much and you so little?

Why can they do everything, undercover, over, covert... and you can’t do shit, including Police your own neighborhoods? Sharecropping?

Think about shit before you lose your brain. IF you don’t tell the person, they will never know? Why do you need anybody who doesn’t know themselves? Slave mentality?

(((your inner

Needing Me!

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