Family Mess The Worse Mess

Forcing the issue.

Family members who hate, harm and kill each other! Sibling rivals, rivals between spouses and children and parents. We all have our moments, I mean serious moments causing family members and families to fall out. Teeth and tongue, behavior, abuse, betrayal are some of the more common reasons. They lead to break downs in communications and the next thing you know, things have gotten out of hand.

To resolve those kinds of issues, I think it is first most important to understand the root of the problem and separate it out. Just this gesture alone will save a lot of pain and heartache.

You can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family and that fact can confirm feelings of being stuck, helpless and left without viable alternatives.

It is not the family member themselves that you dislike, but their behavior. Now, you can properly deal with that behavior without forcing the issue or being stubborn, often resulting in a desire or an attempt to discipline, retaliate, hate, harm or kill your relative. All you want is to do is change the behavior.

To change their behavior, first you must change yours.

Gone Green,,,your inner

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