Taking back your life?

Who can you trust? Can I trust you? Trust and love = life?

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, some suggest the Government should implement a plan like this one: Put workers of 50 years of age and above on early retirement and give them a bonus, thus creating jobs and reducing unemployment. I strongly disagree!

Okay, what's more important? I am taking back my life.

Guess you can ask me, how do I know our lives have been given away? Life, What happened?

Life is being taken away on both sides? There is time and there are people.

Why people? Then, Life in us is also being consumed by technology. How much time do you spend daily talking to a machine? Is saying yes to one thing, saying no to another? Tangled in a nontraditional society, which direction do I go?

That’s where life has gone - Zero tolerance. Every time you try to make a move, there is somebody against it. They can have their life but you can’t?

I noticed anything and everything good, has been outlawed/cut out, including prayer and the constitution. Think about that, how many people gave and put their lives on the line and still are, just to have their lives and everything for which they've worked given away? Or was it a debt trade-off? Who can you trust?

Why not a more dignified way to deal with immigrants? I mean you are so intelligent, resident of ???one of the riches country in the world???, so dignified, proper and holy. You’re rescuing people from everywhere else, while kicking immigrants and poor people out the back door. To what has our lives come and we’ve got a good excuse for it. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t,,, but I am not going to be damn with you.

I’m taking back my life, while I have the chance, who knows when, where the next alleged terrorist will take my life? Do you know how many terrorist attacks I have survived? How many I’ve fought for and against? What kind of home security system do you have?

To hell with smoking, today, I am taking back my life and I am walking away from all this crazy stuff, all the crazy drama we keep going from day to day? Who can you trust – the dollar?

Restore limited government and basic free-market principles our country was built on or is it too late.

Conquered from within?

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