Your fantasy today is the reality of tomorrow. If not yours then whose?

I mean who cares about citizenship anymore? Just out of the blue,??? How did African-Americans earn theirs, if you want to call it Citizenship?

Think about that for a moment, why would an enslaved African held in bondage in America as a result of slavery need to earn his citizenship? How much does he have to give to be considered "a deserving human being"? Is/was that another form of trickology? I think about things like that. I ask WHY? Does it even make sense to a bunch of savages? Now, you know why we are in the shape we're in and things have got to change.

How can you see any Black American as needy, improperly dressed, uneducated, lazy, good for nothing when you trained them. They were your slaves. And for those of you who claim you nor your parents or ancestors had no slaves nor anything to do with it, I also hold you directly responsible for tolerating and being an accessory to the Atlantic Slave Trade. Doing nothing (((taking no action))) cannot be your excuse. You are nothing much more than "yellow belly cowards". Who in their right minds would voluntarily take responsibility for slavery.

How could any white man in America ever look down on a Black American? Whether you like it or not, we survived all "the bullshit" you could through at us and we will rise to the top. Yes, above and beyond where you were able to take this country, we just never had the chance. Today, you will see different. Today, you will see good black men prosper as you experience this economic crisis. Welcome to our world.

It's going to be just like it was when you and those pilgrims came over here, committed genocide against the Naive Americans, took their country made it your own and brought slaves over here to do your work. The real problem is "you do not want to work". So you use that "psychological bullshit" (((KKK))) (((J. Egar))) and a host of others (Willie Lynch) to make yourself appear to be "cream of the crop". Then you blame Black folk for your problems. Them damn black folk has been a thorn in your side every since slavery. You are scared to blame anyone else. You have tricked, enslaved, beat, jim crowed, abused, neglected, bombed, terrorized, denied, ignored and imprisoned the Black man in every way you know how, but we are still here.

Today, no weapon, nuclear or otherwise can save you from your own self-defeating ways. You have got it coming, you are going to get it and you know it. Just think about all the good Black Men you have murdered, but we are still here to help you fight your battles, Just to be even more abused, every time you get on your feet.

It is over.

How can you ever accused or look down on the poorest black man for not being loyal and dedicated to this country. If anything, if you ever saw a Black man down, look like you would help him for all he's done for this country. We are more loyal and dedicated than you ever been and history proves it.

Too late for reparations and all that other stuff for what we've been begging, It is either go down with the ship or go to the next place that will accept your kind.

No, I am not one of those angry black men, but I am the one to tell you like it is. If you don't won't to hear the answer, then do not ask the question. What goes around comes around, whether I am here or not. Never again!

Think about it, what was our prayers yesterday? What was our fantasy yesterday? Yesterday, What were the fantasies of Native Americans? What did you do to all their fantasies? Do you not think you have had way more than your fare share of time using everyone else to fulfill "all your fantasies"? What did/do you think Africans were doing while you were enjoying the spoils of slavery? Doesn't it make sense? What do you think Native Americans were doing while you were using them for "rifle practice"? How can you see yourselves as any decent human being? Our prayers and fantasies yesterday are a reality today. It is over! And for our "little special group", like you said, "you ain't had nothing to do with it"; Art and no other folk ain't got nothing to do with it.


(((your inner

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