My use of the term farmer

I am a servant who love to farm. I am The Farmer, but where is my farm? Sometimes I must remind myself, What am I all about? How does this prosper me? I think there is no better way of explaining that than the message below:

I revisit your use of the term 'farmer' and now see it in a different perspective.

I see you as being one who examines a soil that needs tending and plants what would prosper from being in that particular soil. The end result is a wondrous marvel which many can enjoy and in some cases produce from, for their own purpose.

You've grown within your self and continue to grow, which is very attractive to me, too many men seem to feel that when they reach a certain age, they are forced to settle for what they have built thus far. They haven't any ambition.

The type of woman I am, I won't settle...I'm forever growing and cannot be with anyone who isn't. Is this you?

I got this email from a young lady in Great Britian and it helps define what I am all about. The question is, Where is my other half,,,lol? I first posted it here:">Here!

The secret to youth and longevity?

(((your inner

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