Youth and Longevity

The Antient old Secret!

A Secret to Anti-Aging and Longevity? wHere is your fountain of youth? Most people already know, but refuse to believe and take action. It is upto you whether you do it or not?

Today, I asked myself, What is the single most important healthy thing I can do to maintain my youth as long as possible?

Now, I am 54 years young and i see so many young people who think they know what they are doing. Older people even make you feel older by promoting the secret to youth as being a young person. They use younger people to sell everything. Then, you see so many older people buying and selling all these products and services to slow the inevitable. So what is the secret?

I was answered with this question, Is it too late? Is it something I have to buy? I know the answer is out there, but where?

I see so many ads professing to all the good and wholesome things one must do in order to maintain a healthy senior citizen life, but do they really work? Can I afford them? What will others think? Do I need to look in ancient China?

So if there is "one secret" to youth and longevity, a key to maintaining youth, the fountain of youth, it is: To be spiritually connected, your spiritual well-being! If you can find a way to keep your spirit up, that is the key. No matter your conditions, your spiritual well-being makes all the difference. It is not a secret, it is the one and only secret. All other, you may want to question.

Do you know how many people, in the worst of conditions, lived a more productive and much more meaningful life than those in the best of conditions all because of how well they were able to maintain their spiritual being? Beat the stress, leave the rest,,,Discipline, practice it.

The earlier you start the better off you will be.

(((your inner

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