The Fashion Industry and Deceit 2010

My fashion statement: The Fashion industry has become an industry synonymous with deceit

Looking your best and in the next four months the same fashion will make you look your worse? You can’t wear this, you can’t wear that? Women, men, girls, boys, babies, blacks, whites, greens, summer, winter…. And every one of them is vying for your attention. It’s like they are haunting us, lol.

As I am thinking about this, the fashion industry has gotten further and further away from common sense and practicality and is more focused on the approval of others and profits. Whatever happened to quality and economics? Just look at the ridiculous time, effort and price we spend on tennis shoes? Whatever happened to quality merchandise to support a healthy body? Have you tried looking for a good pair of work gloves lately, the cheap and affordable ones does not last nor provide good protection? You are hard pressed to find a good economical pair of work gloves, shoes, socks, underwear…the list goes on? Now, if you are looking for sexy and beauty, not a problem; for which you pay an arm and a leg? Fashion has come to be all about what some celebrity or so is wearing?

What about people who want good quality at affordable prices? You don’t care who’s wearing it or how many were produced, as long as it does what it is supposed to do? What about materials and dyes that are good for the skin? What materials best protects the body from hurt, harm and danger? The fashion industry has made a habit out of defining to us what beauty is, instead of us defining to the industry what our needs are. When I think of fashion I think of it as an industry synonymous with deceit. Their excuse is, What’s selling? What’s hot? What’s in style? I mean let’s face it the fashion industry has done more to promote anorexia and bulimia than any other industry out there. We are learning less and less?

It’s not that I don’t understand and appreciate good fashion, I am a big fan of the classic fashions, but that’s just it, for every truly brilliant creation the fashion industry has given the world, 100 times that have been fashion creations to cause humanity to hang their heads in shame. Then to add insult to injury every 5 years or so the fashion industry attempts to rehash a bunch of old failed ideas in hopes that the new and upcoming generation will not know any better. Even worse, every 10 years or so, the fashion industry looks back and laughs at how ridiculous the fashions were? It is like one big scam. How many ways can fashion scam people?

People are left to think they are flawed and/or at fault for not being in “fashion”! The fashion world continues to delude people into feeling inadequate about their natural appearance and is actually stripping people of their natural beauty and self esteem.

What about all the crazy washing machines and driers to help keep all your clothes clean? You can't find a good simple yet economical machine any more? The prices, the technology and the things they are supposed to do are far beyond the average persons needs?

Beauty is not about what we wear, but who we are, the clothes don’t make us, we make the clothes. I’ll be happy when it all calms down, no more deceit as to whether it is the real you or the clothes you are wearing? I'll be happy when we get back to the basics, long and short pants, nice dresses more suited to carrying what we need around. Shoes, good quality, work and play.

Enjoy and we look forward to a better day...

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