Fast women Fine Cars

Mom always ordered me to stay away from fast women and fine cars?

Slow is better isn’t it? You can take your time and live your life. One person's problem is everybody’s problem. Some families would stop putting their business in the streets. I can see Russia from my backyard. Think about it,,,,what are you really saying?

What happened to happy, healthy families? Families that build together? They didn’t live in big fancy developments, they lived in good old fashion, down to earth, plow the fields, baseball, football playing, chores doing, happy to see their girlfriends, going fishing, hunting, boating, shooting, gardening, help the neighbor, mud bogging, horse racing, bowling ball head "neighbors".

They made a real investment in this country and it all started with the American Indians. We make a big deal about the star spangled banner, but we really didn't and still don't give a shit about what we did in slavery? Yet, we can tell you everything about stocks, a bond, securities social, but where is the real property? Who owns it? You are so smart, then please tell me, Who owns the land on which you are standing?

Now, we made a few mistakes, so why not correct them, this time around? The deal was The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence...what about the Star Spangled Banner? Do you know all the words? Can you sing it by yourself (alone)? Do you even hum it in the toilet? Do you know how many people really don't give a shit about that song? Ask an East Indian.

Being FREE and happy together. People, all people will be better, more productive citizens. How do you treat uninvited guests? Do you kick’em out? Would you physically do it? What about deadly force? Would you go out and build a fence or work something out to build a bridge? Learn from your mistakes and everybody lives, FREE Dumb and Happy.

What kind of cars do you like or was it horses?

How do you start something like that? Where is the land? How much does it cost? Lets see, will it be the nursing home or a place like that? Time is everything.

Overcoming fears and fulfilling passions

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