Fat People Need to Know

Being fit for 50, 60, 70... means being fit NOW! I applaud this senior for making an effort.

What can you do after 50? Do you just give up or is it blow up? Just keep on living.

What Fat People Need to Know? Fighting terrorism and this is not promoting any special diet or exercise program?

What does “fat or grossly obese” say about our society, is that what we strive to be? Is being fat and lazy a sign of the times, too much of the wrong things? Is being fat the new healthy? Is being gross overweight any indication of a deeper rooted problem? There are some selfish behaviors, lifestyle choices. Where is the balance, how is it functional when you are tilting the scale at 200 plus … pounds?

Our adults and especially seniors are sitting around and “blowing themselves up”. Is this an untapped source of new energy? Our young adults are doing nothing about it because they are happy with Grand Ma and Pa catering to their becks and calls. The combination of this all is lethal.

I am addressing fat people today, because it’s more of a problem than we care to admit. Obesity is a threat to the health and welfare of every person, community, country… First, let’s excuse those who can’t help themselves, but address those who are blowing themselves up, for no logical or reasonable cause. Let’s address the root of the problem: Is it depression? Is it detrimental to our society?

I have grossly overweight family members and friends too, but two wrongs don’t make a right. I know how they conduct themselves. Fat people don’t want to do a damn thing other than to sit on their fat asses and eat. We know what we’re doing, but the question is: What are you not doing?

How did my ass get so huge? Is it because I fail to work at it? Am I saying “fuck it” to a healthier people, happier and brighter futures! What about clean – personal hygiene? Being balanced is a 24/7 job.

Talking about clean energy, fat folk, you’re killing us and know obesity is a global problem and growing. Obesity negatively impacts every aspect of our lives and living. You feed yourself and our kids the wrong things and on top of that, your energy is misdirected and you are what you eat.

What is the difference in being obese and all the other evils of the world? We don’t feed our children cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, guns…but we do feed them the wrong foods. Criminals are punished for committing crimes, but fat folk are left to waste away and entice the rest of us.

People excuse themselves for being too fat because they do not see nor understand the detriment they pose to a society and community. What if everyone said to hell with their bodies and proper activities, would they have energy to do what they are supposed to? Would we do more to help our seniors get the proper activities to manage their weight?

How many fat people do you see doing something other than sitting on their ass and eating? Is this another conspiracy theory? Yet they complain about people taking advantage of the system, crime, rap, saggin…. But we do feed them food and if you don’t care enough about your own ass, why not concern yourself with properly feeding our children? Why not stop the vicious cycle of obesity and all that goes along with it? You can see a fat person and you already know. Is being grossly overweight any less of a crime or evil?

Today, there are so many disgusting looking fat ass people, and it’s growing at an alarming and epidemic proportions. How would it look with a world full of under nourished people? Then, they have the nerve to look down on others, would feeding our children the wrong food be any less of a crime? What about creating responsible activities to help around the house and eat balanced meals.

Someone posted an article about age, maturity, experience making a point about all of that … but all of that does not have anything to do with a relationship or anything else. People are either going to work with you or against you! But it does have all to do with your energy level.

Energy level, is it good or evil, evil being negative and to whom is the negative energy directed? What happens when you direct negative energy to an inmate? Does it solicit the desired behavior? Is food an incentive? If you sit down and eat like pigs and lay around the rest of the day, how are you being your best self? Where is your energy? Why are you no longer active and energetic? Sluggish, and that is the kind of society we produce, now, you know.

From one extreme to the other, what good does it do to drag your fat ass to work, when all you’re going to do is come home eat and lay around? And in this case, whether you’re fat or skinny what good does it do? Why are there well more fat people than skinny people? Why are there more fat people than healthy people?

Obesity, over eating and inactivity is a detriment to anything good and wholesome. You can be a victim or VICTOR? IF you don’t care about yourself, no problem, but what about our children, what about the rest of us? Why concern yourself with any other facet of personal hygiene, life when you ignore gluttony, greed , sloth What good is all the other stuff we teach if we do not teach and practice good eating habits and good wholesome daily activities?

The First Lady is heading up a childhood obesity challenge, but what good does that do when lazy adult fat never change? I am sure that’s why she started with children.

Obesity is global problem and even more devastating to a society than alcohol, drugs, crime…and if we do not stop glorifying obesity, we will never reach clean energy. Healthier people...Happier and Brighter Futures! Starting at HOME! Not because I am so fine, but I would like to be healthier and happier, and that calls for help.

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