Egos, Making fighting decisions, When to physically fight, deadly force...

As kids and communities, we do not fight our neigbors. Well unless...

A patriotic duty, a show of force, now this is a good reason to fight even if you do not know for what or who you are fighting?

Spanking, as a means of discipline, is okay under certain circumstances, otherwise you should not spank? Again, a method of discipline passed on, when we really never tried any other--spare the rod spoil the child. Rediculous!

All of these in my mind are mixed messages. Okay, i agree, I am not the greatest mind, but I am sure many others are just as confused. Can you think of one reason why someone should violently put their hands on you? Then how can we justify any form of physically fighting anyone? Are we not more civilized.

Physical altercations normally result from anger and when you look back over the situation and really tried to think of other options, you would come up with one better than phyiscal violence.

We promote some forms of violence as a show of dominance, power, and superiority and recognize victors as heroes. We are quick to say, as a last result. Fighting oppresses People and is the first result of a coward. Fighting creates more problems than it will ever solve.

We engage in many practices and ancient traditions to gain confidence and prepare ourselves for battle. However, the most important practice, The Word, is often missing. We are quick to justify wars and rumors of wars. Why are we not just as quick to change to something that just makes good sense? Egos and we fight them daily.

When we have faith and believe, it brings about a strong sense of protection, peace and security, like no other. How else could we have survived the horrors of slavery? You are not so on edge and you can take a lot more crap before physically exploding. Somebody has to throw the first punch and it will not be you. You have greater ability to maintain your cool in the worst of situations. Physically, fighting as a means of discipline, is a learned behavior. Just think if we replaced it with dialog. The world would be a lot less violent.

If we must physically fight, we should fight for what God has promised. It is the only way to escape harm. Like with an attack from a giant grizzly bear, the best defense is to play dead.

There are certain promises to be fulfilled in your life, because your calling is different from others. You must seek clarity and guidance on who, what, when and where.

What is a good neighbor?

When you have no other choice and then that choice should be to walk away from danger and harm.

Now, here is the challenge: Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use and persecute you.

Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen


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