A good neighbor

The nosy neighbor? The borrowing neighbor? The neighbor who's a little on the trashy side? Things like this have ruined our neighborhoods. Now, we stand pointing and proclaiming which neighborhoods we consider safe orgood. I am sure "slum lords" appreciate that confrontation.

What's going on immediately around you? What/Where are the greatest threat to you? Homeland security? How can you expect the government to protect you, when you do so little to protect yourself? Guns, Fences, Walls are all signs of a scared people and will be torn down? What actually makes a good neighbor? How do we do it? Then, why aren't you doing it?

The first question to answer is, Do you really care? Depends on what you want--your future? Like a good neighbor are you there? Being a good neighbor is a proven philosophy to embrace and live by every day. Good people make good neighbors. Good neighbors make good neighborhoods.

Being neighborly without being nosy, not just around your home but everywhere you go. You can not beat being a good neighbor.

What is a good neighbor? A good neighbor provides a presence to discourage wicked and evil deeds to his neighbor and neighborhood. You should not covet your neighbor's house, your neighbor's wife, his manservant or maidservant, his ox or "ass", or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

How do you become a good neighbor? Being a good neighbor takes desire, courage and action. You have a passion for life and all that is good in life. It is very important to always know what going on immediately around you--left, right, front and back. My parents taught me not to bother anything that does not belong to me. Being a good neighbor requires work - work

Show your neighbors respect. Your neighbors are, poor, rich, famous, racists, sick, lame and lazy, shut-in, criminals, less fortunates. Everybody is your neighbor and we are ALL connected.

To them, show warmth and that you are friendly. Be The one who shows mercy on them. Do this, and you will live and they will come to an understanding. Good neighbors live by principles, the same principles that protect them and their love ones.

The little good deeds we do spread around the world. These are our neighbors. Think how much crime a good neighbor could discourage.

Now, don't look back. What eats, shoots and leaves, --Panda Bear?

your inner

The golden rule.

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