Food Tells

Asking one may cause a lie, but looking at how, what we eat tells how we're living. The truth.

Ask a so called pro like a politician, preacher, doctor and they will tell you a whole line of bullshit about how we're eating and living.

They will tell you that due to our own ignorance people are living longer, but they will not tell you our quality of life has bottomed out, much of which has to due with the decline in the quality of our food.

Look at how many drugs prescribed, doctor visits, health issues after age sixty. What the fuck is good about living longer, when your quality of life suffers, while theirs thrive.

What does your food say about the way you are living?

Food is our body's greatest source for energy? Big government, big business and big labor produce the bulk of our food. Therefore, he who produces your greatest source of energy controls you. You depend on them for what you need. Increasingly you are less concerned about who, what, when, where for food and life.

Why is it all prepackaged? That is how we’re living today. We feel we have less and less input about what we eat and how it’s treated. We have less and less input about what we eat and how we are treated.

Meat comes pre-cut, pre-packaged whether you like it or not. Big business triumph small business whether you like it or not.

Yes, there is a good reason for that and that is the double standard by which we lived prior to pre-cut, pre-packaged. Our evil deeds have caught up with us.

What used to sustain our communities, we abused and in return lost control and now big business is controlling us.

All we need to do is to go back to the basics, except this time, do it right, do it well, learn a lesson from experience. Why make getting our economy back on track so complicated? Who are, what people are you trying to exclude, leave out, ignore this time, what people?

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Our Father, Our Food

Food for the Soul

Food for thought

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