Food For Work

Food for thought.

Inspired by the quality of food we feed our youth, our seniors and ourselves.

I saw a "meal on wheels" the other day and I could not believe my eyes. This is what we feed our seniors. This is how we show appreciation for them and what we have to look forward to?

Our youth-- I see one type of meal in schools and it seems to go against the tradition and expectations of healthy eating. Now, in the army, meals are prepared in accordance with healthy eating. Should not the same priority be put on food prepared for our youth, seniors and self? Should not that be our standard- Tender, juicy and good?

For increased health, enjoyment, education and security; grow your own food, well, more of it. Then so sowers and reapers may rejoice together...

For all of human history, people have managed to feed themselves, by fishing, hunting, gathering and farming, until today.

Today, the responsibility for growing the bulk of our food and feeding us has been reduced to commercial farms, grocery stores and restaurants. You are what you eat. Yes, a resource so valuable and critical to life, as the food we need to live. More waste, more work, more expense and less appreciation! What message are we sending to our future? Even with government intervention, is the quality of our food better? Are "our people" healthier? Our priorities? Lessons learned? What is your backup plan? Access? Emergency supplies and distribution? Do we practice them? Or are we taking too much for granted?

Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

How do we get there? Work.

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