Freak In You

We know this shit ain't working, never have and never will,,,,so

Atonement from, for what? IF you didn’t do a damn thing, then what is there to atone?Can you embrace the freak in you? What is the freak in you? Is it your taboos or is it the things you really, subconsciously want to do? Is there anything wrong with it? Then why don’t you do it?

You wonder why we have so many freaks in the world today? It is because we have made so many taboos, people are literally afraid to express who they truly are. So they feel the only way to express themselves is through their God. They feel some sense of acceptance when they can say, their God would have done this, even though they know otherwise. Does you God cause you to work for pay? Does he tell you about vacation, racism, slavery, loving your fellow man, matter what? Why are you having so many relationship problems, is it because you are trying to be someone, you never was nor can be?

Some people like the same old shit, well, not really but they do not know how to get difference.

What is a Holy War, where do they start, how? It just so much, let them digest what you said today? IF I do not give you anything else to read, you’ll have to digest this shit. You are overwhelmed and you don’t get it. It is not about you, but the world in which we live and if you don’t recognize, see the bigger picture you will never understand the cause and effect.

Do you wear stilettos’ because they make you feel sexy, or is it because you are short or both? Then I ask you, what is the hell wrong with wearing Stilts or those of us who do?

The cause and effect, we are still scrambling trying to figure out our identities. Are you gay, are you against same sex, racist, red, republican, tea party… It is a reality some people enjoy younger men, it is a reality some people some people enjoy older women, it is a reality some people enjoy the company of the dead. If we don’t give them room to admit, then they will always mask themselves as what society deems acceptable and we will never know how to guard ourselves from what we do not want to happen to us and our children. If a person feels free to openly express themselves then this is truly liberty.

If a person does not feel free to openly express themselves, whose fault is it? We learn from each other’s differences.

Atonement , Reparation for a wrong or injury: "she wanted to make atonement for her behavior". Atonement is a doctrine describing how human beings can be reconciled, not from just Christians, but from the mistakes we made in life itself. But if you refuse to recognize… Which one of us is without sin? Why can’t we let that shit go and live according to how we know how? What happens when a people refuses to let go? Can you lower your guard? Are they still hiding their true feelings and behaviors so they can be accepted by White Folk. Think about that, you don’t want no damn job? How did we get this life so screwed up that we feel we need a job, working for the white man, in order to live? Now, that’s is how “fucked-up” we really are and we have a nice way of justifying it - education. Here I am going to tell you just like it is, not how I want it to be, that’s up to you. However, know someone is watching your phony asses. Work for the land or work for white folks who think they rule the lands? Does that make you a better citizen? What is wrong with working for youself? What is wrong with removing them from the middle? What is wrong with getting your freak on when you are ready, instead of when they say you can?

Until we learn how to be just human beings, we will not know how to be all these other groups. Until we lean how to openly express, what we have termed to be the freak in us, we will never know how to deal with life as it truly is?

Think about shit. There is a time and place of everything? Why can’t we be freaks together? Does it mean you are forced to freak? What could be more freaky than a people who enslaves another people? hat could be more freaky than a people in denial about slavery or being enslaved? You must realize you are a slave to the system and the system against you. Do you really think this system is for you? Why do you keep lying about it? Why don’t you feel compelled to tell the truth? Is the truth in you? Really there is nothing wrong with being a slave, but there is something horribly wrong with abusing your slaves, denying your slaves…

I love to freak, I love, welcome, embrace freaks because I love, embrace….difference. I do not like the same old shit. And at least I will know what I want and do not want, where to go get it or how to best avoid it. If I am a true Master, then please treat me that way. So where is the retirement, what is for and is it real? How can you retire from life works?

Do you open doors for women and what do women do for men? Tell the truth!

There is nothing wrong with being a Master, but there is something wrong when a Master thinks he is superior to the slaves he leads. Does a matriarch think she is superior to the herd. No, the matriarch is a good provider, follow if you will.

(((your inner

This land is mine So what should I do with it?

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