Friendly People

Finding friendly people

People are not as friendly as they use to be. Though we are cordial, we are not as sincere as days gone by. You would think we have gotten better in that area, that sincerity is more important than being cordial.

People use to have conversations discussing the same interests. Now we no longer take the time to speak.

Neighbors are not speaking to neighbors. You can't trust anybody. Fear of neighbors. Having to secure everything. Increasingly, people are alienating themselves, becoming more distance and worse than that; we contribute and are learning to make a living at helping them achieve that.

Between work and home we stay. After work we stay to ourselves.

Outside our particular groups, we fear interaction with others.

Living is no longer about life but self.

No person is an island. We must learn to live together, amongst each other.

Friendly people are meek, not weak!

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