Friendly Competition

Is friendly competition now a NO No?

One church in Milledgeville, Ga says NO to friendly competition…

Good or bad?

You say, no big deal. Why do I write things down? So I can better see what are some the possible solutions and outcomes.

Today, while visiting a "very prominent" Christian church in Milledgeville, Ga, one of the "hard core Christian" ladies said, “There is no friendly competition in here. We do not compete against each other, friendly nor any other kind of way. We do not play that stuff in here”. See you never know what kind of places you’re walking into. Are they like-minded forward thinking people or are you disturbing the peace? You know me, I attempted to inquire when she told me, “Art you had better go”. So I shut my mouth and went own about my business.

Here are my questions: How could such a beautiful church get that way? Have I been thinking wrong the whole time? Why wake-up in the mornings? Why fix my hair, put on clean clothes and go to work? What kind of attitude would I have? Am I not my best? Is that logical? What about saving souls? Is Jesus competing with Satan? What are we/they teaching our children? Was that message just for me? Was she telling the truth or lying? Was she for democracy or dictatorship? Why play sports? Why work?

The answer I received was: Life is all about friendly competition. She was lying, grossly misinformed and passing bad information, while trying to be a good Christian. Ought to be a law against that.

Friendly competition means we are “all on the same team receiving the same message, and that message is “Do your very best”. Friendly competition is how we grow in every sense of the word. If you tell your family there is "no friendly competition allowed in this house", what will be their incentive to do better?

How do you know what is friendly completion? How do you know what is your very best? When you see the actions of others, YOU WILL KNOW. Then, if you can do better, Do It and share it. Friendly competition is how we learn and grow, on the same team. What other way can Christians beat the devil?

Friendly People challenge each other to be good and are pleased with the results.

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