Funeral Advantage Program

FINAL WISHES, American investment program targeting senior citizens or anybody AFTER DEATH

I think funeral insurance is a good idea, sounds wonderful, but when you really think about it, you have to be wanting to leave someone some money, after your death. Talking about dying to get paid?

The other side of the coin, is, Where are the profits going? Why would someone, anyone want to profit off your death? YOu got doctors on your birth and death/life insurance when you are going?

Really, when is your country or state supposed to do something for you? Do you want something for FREE? Aren't you worth it, was not your life lived in such a fashion that everyone would want to join in to bury you? Birth and DEath?

The funeral advantage program will pay your family up to $20,000.00 Tax free, when you are dead. Sounds like the insurance industry and IRS is in cahoots? I mean all your life, there is next to nothing you can do tax free, but an insurance company is afforded an opportunity to present you such a luxury.

If you gamble, I think it is great, but call a spade a spade. Why all the hype? "Thousands of georgia residents age 50-85 have been accepted,,, created to help pay funeral expenses and 'any other final expenses'. Why put all that shit? Are they pushing it instead of allowing citizens initiate? That's the trick!

Why would you have to push/promote such a great program? Word of mouth, are the people too slow and stupid? Do you need fast profits or is the bereaved asking for his money? SEE IF YOU QUALIFY, MAIL TODAY TO RECEIVE THIS VALUABLE PLANNING HELP.

Is that loud and obnoxious behavior? or is that someone who really wants to help you? Help you do what?

In America, we will worry you from can't to can't for a dollar? Is that really your final wishes?

I heard somebody ask, how did our country get into recession? When do we ever forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors?

(((your inner

loud and obnoxious behavior

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