Obnoxious Behavior in Public

Being LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS in Public, is there any such thing? What about matters? Why are they so important? Why did they even come up with such a thing as manners?

Do you take pleasure in annoying others or being annoyed? Are you embarrassing and not knowing it? Are you making a fool of yourself, for what, why? Anybody can do something stupid just for the hellofit?

Are there less intrusive ways of bringing attention to yourself? Do you enjoy attracting undue attention? What happens when you are exposed to something extremely unpleasant or disgustingly objectionable? Who decides what is loud and obnoxious?

    Who decides what is acceptable and unacceptable in public? Most people will not expose themselves to the public while having to go to the toilet, but they will do things closely related? The offenders, which of these are most repulsive or obnoxious in public?

  • Singing off key or being too loud on your cell phone?

  • Picking your nose or scratching your ass?

  • Picking your teeth or picking your toes?

  • Wearing your pants down or your “booty shorts” up?

  • Showing the crack of your ass or passing gas?

  • Open mouth coughing or unprotected sneeze?

  • Popping chewing gum or smacking?

  • An loud burp or pitiful yawn?

  • Spitting in public or brushing your hair in a restaurant?

  • Loud and unruly or quiet and everything goes?

  • Blasting the music in your car with the windows down, singing the lyrics?

  • Driving with your (((BRIGHT LIGHTS ON))) or too slow without regard for others? Is driver's rage considered loud and obnoxious?

  • Acting like you're drunk with your friends when you are not?

Is it like a public drunk? What happens when you tell somebody NO? IS THIS ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL AND SHOULD BE IMMOLATED BY OTHERS? Are you creating a scene for all the wrong reasons? Is this really dangerous and how so? Is this like the little boy who cried wolf? Can it be perceived as provoking and threatening behavior? Or is this just Being fucking ridiculous and disrespectful everywhere you go!

Is that why we have all these "NO" signs: No drinking by minors; No illegal drugs; No loitering, No activity that would disturb neighbors rowdy behavior, public nudity, loud, drunken or other obnoxious behavior... Again, who decides?

Isn't it ashame that we no longer know and respect good manners. So the next time you find yourself doing one of these, stop and ask yourself, Are you being too LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS in public?

Bad habits, are they ever any good to you?

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