Who are burials and funerals for?

Burials and funerals are the last honorable and spiritual act we perform do for each other. Well, they also could be the first act after our transformation.

From the spiritual aspect of things, you would think through the progression of time, we would have progressed/prospered to a point that the cost of such a spiritual act is significantly less than what it is and was. You would think, with all the new machinery and technology, the cost of such would be next to nothing. I not looking for anything free, but any productive citizen should have earned the right to be buried, at no additional expense. Doesn't that make sense? Well, that's what use to happen and I don't know why the cost of a decent burial has skyrocketed with everything else. It makes me think, Why? Why have burials and funerals become such a commercial "hot ticket"?

Every person deserves a decent burial, whether in the ground or scattered and I think you will agree. However, the costs are the questions. 5000 USD for a decent burial and that could or could not include funeral expenses. That brings ethical and moral questions to mind. Why, who gets the money, for what is all that money paying and how does that benefit the deceased?

Who are funerals for? Look at all we do for what has come to be a decent burial- embalming and possibly an autopsy, clothes, casket, vault, sitting-up, food/drink, wills, limousine rides, hearse, burial plot? It seems we do more for people going out this world than we do for them coming in? Why? Who benefits from this grand send off, as if doing all that is going to pave the way for the deceased. How is any of that going to assist the deceased in their transformation? If anything, it seems any of that would do just the opposite. I mean we come into this world without anything and we plan to leave with all that junk.

How does doing all that honor the good life you’ve lived? Is it the more money you spend the more God likes you? Does the more people at your funeral say anything for the transformation you’re about to make? Remember, you came into this world without a stitch.

Burials are only for the dead, not the living. "We meet here today to celebrate/honor/pay tribute to the life of the deceased. To give thanks for her life and the experiences that we shared - and to bless them (wish them well) now that our time together is over.

How long do you think people will remember you after death? What did we do with all the Native American/slave graves? What happens to victims of war, what about enemy prisoners? Well, we did kill them. Now matter how important their contributions, we have not a clue what they did and if you ask the right cowboy, he might just tell you, "who cares".

Yet, we feel every human being deserves a decent burial. From where did we come up with this decent burial thing? Was it before the wars or after the wars?

Burials and funerals have become less spiritual and more commercial. The commercial aspects of burials and funerals have driven prices clean off the charts. Eveybody wants to be put away better than the last person. The more money you spend, the more memobilia you can buy to remind the living of your presence and power. How far back can you go?

Are the costs relative to what's really goning on? Does it make more people want to come and clean off your grave? Does it do anything for life after death?

Funerals are only for the living, not the dead. Spiritually speaking, are we learning more or less? Are we getting better or worse? Are we missing the whole point? Loss, grief and pain or should it be just the opposite? Guilt and guilty due to violations of ethical and moral standards. Where are our signs of remorse.

Spiritually speaking, are we adorning ourselves inappropriately? What is the appropriate attire? Remember, we took prayer out of public places.

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