A tragedy or a triumph

Death is the ultimate body snatcher!

Ever had a problem so serious, you wished you were dead? What about just going into a deep sleep? Life can be so boring you just want to go to sleep? Insomnia! Well, such is death.

Death does not mean you will die tomorrow. There are many of us who have been dead our entire lives. Yes, we are walking around dead and everything we touch dies. We fail to grow in areas important to growth and life shrinks away. You can't keep anything. Nobody pays you any attention unless you are doing something stupid to draw attention to yourself. Just look at our lifestyles. Take our utilities for example: We have gone from helping to sucking each other dry. Our precious water supplies!,

Dead, you are no good to life and further killing yourself is not going to make matters better, just worse.

Death is the feeling you get when you are not at home. Think about it, every person wants a place called "HOME", why would it be any different after death? If you know the feeling of keeping a bad home on earth, just think about that in the after-life? There is an after-life, but there will be no more chances. Either your soul will forever wonder or it will find a home. Homeless

How does it feel to be walking around dead? Confusion, Chaos and Hatred, you just can't trust anybody, body or soul? So we know that is not a pleasant experience to live you whole life, Why would we want to take that kind of chance after death?

Death of our spirit is a spirit with no home. There is no rest for the weary. Just as you wonder upon the earth you will wonder into space. Just as you do not love your neighbor on earth, you will not love him in space. But who cares, it's your soul and it is you who must pay?

So how should we be living? Family and Friends

Dying is something every living thing has to do, but we know so little about it. We don't like talking about death. Death is a somber subject and I do not know why. I mean we kill many people, as if that relieves us of our problems. If death is so bad and everyone of us has to do it, how can death be a punishment- death penalty/capital punishment? Some things we do just doesn't make sense. We do ourselves more harm than good.

Why don't we do more to learn what's really going on in death? We are so intelligent and all those other good things, why do we know so little about death?

Are we are a society in denial. What happens when we die? What happens when you have an out of body experience? How does sin apply to death. Why do we fear death?

Under our current understanding, when someone dies it brings about hostile emotions. Many families fall apart at death. When one of us is gone, the other(s) must carry on.

Somebody said, The only reason religion actually exists is because man is afraid of death?

There is one man who preaches about death and his death experience. He prays for people and ask them to pray for him.

In many cases, people do not tell others because they are afraid of what people will think. I am nothing but dust and ashes, Where can I flee?

Scientists explore the biology behind "out-of-body" experiences to see if "something" continues. Is death something to be concerned about? Is death avoidable? NO and NO, but living is. Clinically dead?

What stops when you die depends on what you were doing while living and be assured, that does not really stop, for no man is an island? So your concern about what happens after death is fruitless. You will be better served in your concern about living.

You don't have to be pronounced dead to be dead. You can live a dead life. What about the elderly, sick and shut in, prisoners, less fortunate, neighbors? Do you really know how and practive being a good neighbor? Hellooooo... It is me, DEATH. Sin, are you in? Are you ready to enter the next phase of your life? Are you living in such a manner you look forward to doing greater things in "void space"?

If you are living the life of a slacker, then you have good cause to wonder what will happen to you after death. And until life reveals a few things to you, you will forever wonder? If you are not guilty, why are you so concerned about your fate?

Death is the absence of life, as we know it. Death is the end and beginning. Death is a spiritual and physical transformation that brings forth new life, just as each season brings forth something new. I am reduced to dust and ashes to help replenish the earth. This process is slowed by the intervention of man. You were not concerned about being born, so why be concerned about death?

Your wonders will be known and your righteousness not forgotten?

Humility is essential and reminds us we are human, that death is ever present in the background, and that realization brings about a passion for life and life more abundantly.

Readers, both personally and professionally are inspired to good action by someone who has the courage to live their dreams. And like an animal that loves his master or a master who has reached home... Then, there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. Death is not a tragedy but a triumph!

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The End!


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