Art on the ff

It's cold world out there.

This better be funny. It bettter be original. if the sht ain't funny, i am never coming back, never!

Okay... jobs, what so funny about them? ok

Gas prices,,,,now, I know that shit is funny. You know, every time you pull in for gas. Do you think they know? Don't you feel like somebody is laughing at you, when you pull your handydandy credit card out, stick it in a machine, that you don't even know what the price of what you were going to git, was?

Will it even give you card back? What about identity theft? You know, but you try your luck one more time.

Cash only, come on out to the funnyfarm

You know you belong. ok, we want you to feel like you belong. Which is better?

Horse back riding. see some people with so real skills. I can't wait til the indians, cowboys and Poor old dirt farmers get it together.. It's going to be crazy as hell.

People who really know how to work the land and animals. It's their passion.

(((your inner

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