Gifting ain't just giving?

If we know what that means, why do we continue gifting all this stuff to what we consider under priviledge countries. Are we not looking for something in return. This is not gifting and instead hurting all concerned.

I have learned that without money, I can have nothing, so to speak? Now, is that true? Is that a reality? Is that my fate?

No! Gifting, this strange word, has taught me the true meaning of sharing. Money, actually destroys that? And when you are sharing, it does not need to material things. That is the key to.YOU NEVER KNOW FROM WHERE COMES YOUR BLESSINGS.Once we start to live like that, we will develop a whole new sense of respect and appreciation for one another. Life will take on a whole new meaning.

You will be able to give and not expect something in return, because you are getting more than you could ever give. This is a whole new outlook on the idea of exchange/bartering/trading and sharing. This is in total opposition to the way the Pilgrims treated the first people who received them. That is a long time to be wrong.

The more I give the more I get! A cheerful giver! Does anybody hate a cheerful giver?

So what is the difference between giving and gifting: What is giving a GIFT?

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. What does that mean? A gift horse is a horse someone is giving you. Don't look for something wrong with a gift! That is easier said than done, especially these days.

(((your inner



Giving you something!


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