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What's new? It is from all parts of the world. Whether you believe it or not, you will experience its effects. Reading this will spare you and save what's left.

More importantly: What can you do?

Everybody thinks and takes credit for creating something new, even though WE ALREADY KNOW, you could not know without it first being shared with you. Whether it is spiritual or by any other means, this is just a fact of life. Someone said: The key to originality is one’s ability to hide their sources!

What is new about this? "New" gets our attention if we have any left? The most important fact about “new” is it singles us out as being CREATORS. However, the thing is not to forget, there were CREATORS before you. How can you create, without first being created? The newness of this all is "it is new to you". The idea of reestablishing, tried and true old ideas and seeing old information in a new light has now returned.

We learned nothing the first time around, now is a brand new day, a second chance for us. Seeing old information in a new light is the essence of LEARNING!

Learning, which is taking old information and expanding upon it, is like editing your own material, you are subject to keep overlooking your mistakes, therefore making the same mistakes, unless another set of eyes is brought in. So with that being said, let’s move forward together.

There is a new community forming and it is very good! It will avoid all the painstaking corrupt efforts we employed to create this shit we are now trying to get out of. Instead, it embraces all those things we miss and love.

Where does it start? It starts where we left off/screwed up/got off track ---Spirituality! It starts from within. Spirituality is wisdom and trusting one’s instincts. It is the ability to fully seek freedom to be and express ourselves, rather than freedom “from” an oppressive situation.

Spirituality is about discovering the absolute truth, light and energy. Let go of all fears and think win-win-win, be fair and willing to share responsibilities. Whatever your talent, SHARE it! Know everyone will benefit from your contributions.

Trust this is all working together with a higher plan and if it were not so, you would not be here. Seek Understanding through sensitivity and depth in all your communications, rather than skirting around issues.

Why are not we making clear choices? We hang on to opinions and emotional resentment which significantly hinders our ability to most effectively and efficiently communicate; therefore failing to make clear choices. We are rushed by the misuse and mismanagement of our own times and moving so quickly in wrong directions creating extraordinary stress, anxiety, death and destruction....

To make less mistakes? Know the conversations you are having right now greatly dictate the course of your and my future for years to come. Rise above your own insecurities and be fluid in your commitments; knowing there are consequences for your ever action.

A lot of this may come across as farfetched, scary and overwhelming, but look how far you’ve come since visiting here.

Today’s circumstances, which are superficial, leave no other choice than, TO GO BACK TO THE BASICS! Do not confuse that with “Go Back to School”, the formal educational system which brought us to this great demise. That is the same as being Retained/Repeating/Failing/Flunking a school grade.

To minimize chaos and confusion? At a time, which is closer than you would like to think, the chaos and confusion we are experiencing right now, is nothing! This is a REMINDER! Start now being more humble, grounded and wise, than ever before and work with like-minded individuals. "This is the only saving grace."

There will be greater religious and cultural differences to contend with so to minimize this, remain open-minded and willing to learn.

Sharing of Love? The more conditions we place upon being able to share love with another, the further we polarize our own situations. Who cares what something looks like to the world, what matters is how you feel about what you are actually doing. Be concerned with your values, loyalty and your integrity, rather than artificial standards of morality set by society.

God doesn’t care what things look like on the outside, how much money and power you have, what neighborhood, how many mistakes, what nationality or even what religion. God only cares what’s at the core of your heart and intentions.

No doubt there are important decisions to be made, but for now trust your gut and don’t be too quick to judge any situation.

There is hope! Be true to yourself and make choices in faith not fear. Indeed where there is faith, there can be no fear.

Join Our Online Community Better understand your role and action. Come together for advice, support and friendship. Build a support network of friends, and share your personal talents. Go Here: Celestial Blessings Here is where I am sending all my readers!

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