Gang Lifestyle, gang banging, gang violence!!!

Who broke the chain of love and what is the difference? Why are young people more attracted to gangs vs. more litgitimate organizations.

Do we have that many young adults with no other choice? Is there not enough caring adults? Is is because legal organizations do so little for the hood? How many bad apples does it take to ruin a bunch? Who keeps turning on and off the love switch just like that?

When I really think about it and draw on my personal experiences, What is the difference between any local street gang and the armed forces or police? I am also wondering about priests?

Well, if the latter was doing their job would gang related violence be on the rise? It is like fighting a war and claiming you are winning, when all the time, you are losing.

The bitter approach, is it a father figure? Do you blame anybody? Who hates who? Who keeps the peace? Who keeps things organized around here? Inferior and Superior? Whose terrorizing who, turning the love switch on and off just like that.

Who is opposed to who and for what? Who's going to repair the love chain?

(((your inner

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