Garden of Eden in America 2011

Art in the Garden of Eden 2011

What do you do here? What are you supposed to be doing? How do you really enjoy? Why do you so strongly feel the need to build something better? To where is your “better” leading us?

In the Garden of Eden, you can’t pray, drink, smoke, swear, sleep, sex, nor talk with whom you please? It is all because of race, gender, religion, size, education…. All you can do is eat and get fat and we are paying a high price for that.

When it all boils down, every one of our most treasured creations are a replica or the closest thing we can build to be our Garden of Eden. We build them so lavishly and when they are complete, we do not know what to do with them.Now, my question is, why do we destroy our natural Gardens of Eden to build lavish structures, only to be used doing the work week or holiday period?

I do not encourage building all these so called lavish structures because they consume too many resources and are wasteful, for our own selfish pleasure that we really never get to enjoy.When you look at them, they are so beautiful and amazing, but do not touch? They are based on a class system often excluding the poor. We rob the poor to fatten the rich.

They encourage crime. Through all their lavish decorations and harboring of valuable resources, they encourage people to steal.

Churches used to remain unlocked and was used for their intended purposes, but today, you will be hard pressed to find a church of God with the doors unlocked. They are so afraid of criminal activities, run and hide; if not more so, as those structures built to serve the secular world. I mean in what form does sin come? Is any different from days gone by? Are not churches supposed to remain open for sinners? Do we just expect sinners to show up during normal business hours?

Why would you put all that temptation in a structure built to serve the poor and sinful? Today, creativity and innovation comes across some kind of “high dollar” electronic device. Is that normal in the Garden of Eden?

My conclusion We build all the elaborate, lavish structures to suit our own perverted selfish needs. They are more gods to ourselves and get rich quick schemes, than to serve "the people".

What makes them so perverted is that we want it for ourselves, while at the same time, denying others in need. We go into a serious state of denial, start lying, stealing, cheating and killing. That is what’s going on in the Gardens of Eden 2011.

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