Gardens and Friends

Friends and gardens, Gardens and Friends, is there a connection?

What do you know about gardens? What do I know? Are we to treat friends as we do gardens? Can you tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their gardens? How does a natural habitat fit in to this scenario?

Whatever, oh well! Are we like fruit that does not want to fall off? Then, how can the life cycle continue? We spend a great portion of our lives building relationships, but now it seems the gist of our societies is to show people how little they mean by taking advantage of them? Is that like stealing from your own garden?

Why are there so few gardens? With so few gardens how can we expect a great harvest? No time, own who are we depending? What is the opposite of wisdom? We want the best treatment but are not willing to give nor work. We think it to be more prosperous to work away from home...go figue! When we do give, there are always strings attached. Do we learn that from banks or gardens? The less gardens we have the more awry our relationships run, the dummer we get. Without gardens, can you really be "down to earth"? Why do we shy away from gardens?

A natural habitat is a garden and should be treated with the same respect as the gardens we create. This earth is not ours along, there must be unobstructed room for other forms of life.

What kind of friends are we and from where do we learn how to be a best friend? Is there a connection? Gardens are the best way to learn how to build good strong relationships with each other! Treat people the same way you treat your gardens, whatever you sow, you will reap.

(((your inner

Fat friends?



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