Fat Friends Slimming

How do you tell your already pleasantly plum friend they are getting bigger.

Check yourself! Well, first that is none of your business, but Boy, it looks like you are putting on the pounds, lol, lol. And if you survive that one,,,no problem.

You could always say, "You have a pretty face" and be prepared to duck.

One friend say you should not say anything? Would you make mention of an abuse to an abuser? Why not nicely let someone know you noticed. Afterwards, it is up to them.

Too fat, too black; does that coincide? Fat is where it's at! Some people like fat. They call it "a little meat on the bones", "cushion for the pushing", but to me, fat, in particular from over eating or bad eating habits, is just that. Eating in public, How much can you pile on a plate? It is very unattractive. Like seeing an alcoholic in a whiskey store.

What about fat people who do not eat too much in front of you? Makes you wonder how they keep on all that weight?

Does being fat mean being lazy? Too Skinny is just as unattractive as too fat. Again, where is the balance?

Why would you want to tell someone they are too fat? Do they really need to hear what your are thinking? If you say nothing will they just keep getting fatter? Are you embarrassed to go out with them? So what exactly is sexy? Do fat people kill your sex drive?

Will suggesting an exercise session be in order? Some people, the more they exercise the more they eat?

Keep in mind, we have all got fat folk as family members.

The crazy thing about it in America is that these two categories, weight loss and gain, are two of the biggest money makers.

What if you get fat? Are you an enabler? Parents? Is what you are preparing really a happy meal? You could always say, you look nice.

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They could be fat and have Bad Breath?



Eat to live?

Life Span!




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