Gene Whitehead, A Believer and one of The Most Successful Businessmen and Trainers, Macon, Georgia.

Cecil Gene Whitehead, just as you and I started with nothing, other than his "Birthday Suit". Not long afterwards, he soiled it by developing a bad reputation for fighting. I mean Gene would whip your butt! Gene was so mean even the armed forces refused him. People would shut their doors when they saw him coming.

In an effort to help himself, Gene became a boxer, Light Weight and a national championship contender, until a fight, out of the ring resulted in a near death experience, causing Gene to do a short stay in jail.

Down-trodden but determined, Gene met his wife, Polly, and Kenneth Dobson and his whole life changed.

As a young man Gene learned to do Heating and Air and became "The Best Heating and Air Man, later Company in Macon, Georgia, Licensed and Insured. He will tell you, "I only wanted to be "The BEST".

The story goes on, Electrician and General Contractor, Licensed and Insured. Gene is now known as a "Good Fighter, a Believer" and is "One of the most successful businessmen and Trainers in Macon, Georgia".

Gene is a firm believer and example, that a person can overcome any adversities. "I can't or it can't" are challenging words to him. His favorite saying, "If another man can do it so can I". It is up to you and I can!

I am very grateful for the support of John Smith, Kenneth Dodson and Gene Whitehead in my endeavors: We Do It All

Gene's eldest son Paul

Youngest son, Mark, now, Owner/Operator, Whitehead Head and Air.

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