Kenneth E. Dobson

Kenneth Dobson, visiting United Evangelistic Church


MINISTER. A Believer and one of The Most Successful Businessmen and Trainers, Macon, Georgia

Minister, Living Waters Fellowship Church and you all are invited.

Thank you for visiting and here is a blessing for YOU!

74 plus years young, this is my testimony: I was hospitalized for three months, comma and pronounced dead. My family went out and bought a suit to bury me in.

Now, by grace and mercy, I preach in that suit.

However wierd or crazy you may think my experience was, I realize I survived for a purpose - To better do His will. No, after recovery I have and will not renege on my promise.

If prayer will help "anyone", Call me and I will be happy to pray with you.

Peace and Blessings to All,

Oh yeah, your blessing! Here is a "J Dollar" for you.

Minister, Living Waters Fellowship Church
PHONE for prayer, 478-474-8085

Meet my friend for over 50 years John L Smith

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