It has already Started

An idea from long ago--The liberty bell.

It has never stopped. Why? Something about reality and actuality? You can live in reality-- reality shows. But, if you never do anything---Actuality? Actually, I am doing it right now. I have already done it, your work that is. Slavery is a reality, actually we are not doing it any more. Time for a change. Well, if you are not doing it any more, then what are "we" doing?

Liberty was the dream that escaped. All was well until we turned on one another. In actuality, we are doing the best we can to recover. Somebody actually have to do something. Eucation in the hood, even swap no swindle.

There are some extraordinary people who can not read nor write, but they can build a house, follow a flow plan or play by ear better than most can from a book.

There is always somebody watching. You are your neighbor's keeper.

Believe you me?

An Idea?

Well, if I could go at it alone, wouldn’t be any need to talk, discuss and take action--Education.

What action? Well we could sell anything of which, we all came into agreement. Agree? Then take action. Do you have a friend serving in Iraq, Alfghanistan, Pakistan, Any where, especially overseas. We can continue fighting and killing each other in the hood-- Actuality. That’s a new word for me. Living in it? Being true to it.

Look at the world market? If you are from, let's say Africa, what are the stereotypes? Fortunate or unfortunate that is the way that is--Actuality. For the purpose of this survey, Please do not include the opinions of African-Americans! Speaking of African-American opinions?

Now, we are looking at your opinion of Africans, All Africans in Africa. I love the sound of those words, I freak her. Even as the best slaves, we are being replaced by...

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Ideas, Actions, Dreams, The old West, The New East, The clean South and the dirty north.

Education in the hood, That's how it was done, farmers/people working together. Playing together. No inhibitions, to stop, to hinder. Intellectually speaking, Internationally speaking. Iran, actually America has never had a democracy. Education in the hood.

It has already Started all we must do is finished.

Gone but not forgotten.

Education In The Hood?

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