How do i get paid faster

I thought I was the only one asking that question. I was about to ask you.

Cash flow plague all families, small and large businesses, either occasionally or chronically. There are no ABC answers. You also know, problems, solve one and you will create another, if you are not careful. While you are trying to solve your money problems, you might be wasting valuable time. Also, you should have been working on your attack problem, you did not know about and miss it all anyhow. Learn to Obey your inner voice!

For me, the real question is how do you earn and maintain your money? Sort of like death with dignity.

No matter the money you have, I know you must spend wisely - a fool and his money.

Whatever you are doing, must be your passion, that eases a lot of pressure right there. There are so many ways to be prosperous, can you realize them or are you just stuck on a dollar. Don't worry about what you don't have. Thank God for the blessings you have.

Keep the faith. Otherwise, you will be gullible to the most amazing scams. I like what Joel Osteen said the other day in #453 - The God of Acceleration --One touch of God's favor can cause you to go further than you ever could in your own natural ability. What you think should take you five, ten, or even twenty years to accomplish, God wants to help you accomplish quicker than you've ever imagined possible. Even in the face of giant obstacles, disappointments and setbacks, these adversities could be the very thing God uses to promote you. Further and Quicker! You can stay in faith knowing with full confidence that your time is coming! Joel is not the only one who says this, he is just one that comes to mind right now. I really identified with this message.

Walk by faith not by sight. The God of acceleration, humbly and respectfully, this is the best way I know. Stop looking for get rich quick...stop wishing...stay focus and keep working... It is already worked out. Whatever He ask,,,Just do it.

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That's why I enjoy SBI

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