Do you understand Gibberish?

Art writing gibberish

Yeah, it took a while for me too, but when you do. What about plain writing?

Most never think about it, oh but it wasn't all that long ago.

It just hit me the skill levels people have achieved, in being able disciple, interpret, understand and explain gibberish. Maybe you cannot understand it, but there are some who can. They put in the time and effort to figure out, what most people ignore.

I guess it has something to do with Handwriting Analysis. Though this started over handwriting, Gibberish can be any and everything that does not make sense. Most would say, it is not worth it, oh it’s nothing, reject it or ignore it. That ain't important! So what about plain writing?

If the federal government think it is important? If the federal government can do it? More than likely, if someone took the time to write it...? Does that give you the upper hand?

If you're not writing gibberish, perhaps you should be, then the Federal Government will stop? Do you understand me?

Only if you could read the writing on the wall! One man's trash is another man's treasure.

(((your inner


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