Gin-Soaked Raisins

Gin-Soaked Raisin Recipe and Remedy

Home recipe and remedy helps relieve arthritis pain

Eating gin-soaked raisins for arthritis is a popular folk remedy. For those who can not tolerate medication for inflammation, folk remedies like this one may be their only hope.

1 lb golden raisins (note: they must be the golden variety, sometimes called white raisins, not ordinary black raisins).

gin (approximately 1 pint)

glass bowl (glass, not crystal)

glass jar with lid

Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over them to completely cover. Let them stay until all the gin is absorbed. It may take 5 to 7 days.

When the gin is absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate.

Dosage. Eat nine of these drunken raisins a day to help your arthritis. (note: nine a day is the number you see most often, but you'll find many variations of the number).

Possible reasons this recipe works: sulfur or sulphides used in the process of making the "white" or golden raisins?

the juniper berries used in gin? Rich in Vitamin C and terpenes, an essential oil.

Grapes and raisins contain many pain relieving, anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory chemicals? Now, you have it.... in addition to, rather than instead of current medical treatment.

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