Girls bought and sold for sex

How should we address this, what priority?

I saw the startling headline "Girls bought and sold for sex" and was reminded of Sharing your man. Why are we so concerned about sharing something so evil rather than resisting and working on correcting terrible crimes, mostly committed by men, as women sleep and defend the culprit?

The men making these degrading decisions are all married and claim to live wholessome healthy lifestyles, sworn to protect and serve.

With what's all going on, how do we ever come to the conclusion that one of us belongs to the other? Now, it's okay if a person gives themselves to you, but if you feel some sense of ownership, that's my concern. Those kind of feelings are what gets us in trouble.

Second class citizen, women abuse and violence; why do women want something that does not want them? How and why do you expect men to treat you better than you treat yourself?

Who's buying and selling young girls? Young girls get the attention, but young boys don't. Why not? Who's taking all our missing children and what are they doing with them?

A mental and emotional release? It is all a mental and emotional thing, because nothing will change until you change. We do not think, "Just to let people be free". There are always strings attached, other than the spiritual ones.

I do not knock monogamous relationships, when they work, when they are not abusive or violent, but the men you love are men whom have never considered you equal, always treated you as a second class citizen; not deserving of the same rights and privileges. Why do you want a one on one relationship with someone like that, why do you encourage them? Are you trying to change them? Don’t you think if you could positively affect anything, we would not be buying and selling little girls for sex?

Is it pay-back for these same men putting you on a pedestal?

(((your inner

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