Sharing Your Man

Now you are going to tell me all about the Bible to which you do not obey anyway.

How many of you ever did a little time in jail? Was it because you did not commit the crime or you just happen not to get caught?

Who wants to share their man? Why must you and the same for sharing women? We are supposed to share everything else, but not yo man…

The question I ask you is: Is it working? Are our marriages getting better or worse? Are we and our children suffering more because we refuse to face reality? We have a tendency to get shit made up in our minds, no matter whether it is or ain’t and we want to force and condemn each based upon our selfish and stubborn nature. But think about women rights, women abuse and violence, all of which was covered by women sticking to their man and it still goes on today. Even so much so till these same women support their husbands in committing atrocities and other criminal activities.

I know what you want to mean about sharing your man, but I’m here to say, “IT NOT WORKING AND HAS NEVER WORKED”. All we do is lie.

How long has this been going on? How long will we keep living a lie? When will we get down to business and talk about shit important to our lives? When will we stop using God as an excuse to be abused, violent and inhumane?

How many people are hurt each day from learning their spouse is cheating or experiencing the result of a failed marriage? The marriages we have today are designed to fail. How many people are abused from trying to stay in broken relationships just to save face? Why don’t we teach ways that marriages can work.Your man, how does a man get to be your man? How many men do not cheat? For that matter, for every man cheating there has to be another partner cheating.

Mental Block, so why are there women so naïve to believe their partners will not cheat. Now, it’s okay to cheat on somebody else, but not okay to cheat on you.

It’s okay for same sex marriage, artificial insemination, cloning, abortion…. But it is totally unacceptable to have your partner cheat on you, even though we know they will. Why can’t we seem to get pass the notion of putting our erroneous desires and expectations on each other, even though we know they are killing our relationships? Do you know how commercial child support is today? We cheat everywhere else, so why do we want to believe we’re not cheating in our marriages? Domestic violence and abuse is a long ways from love and lying to yourself is a long ways from truth.

How does it feel to tell your partner you want to see someone else? Do you think they would agree? So it will never be said, no matter how one may feel.

If it is said and agreed upon and it does and still is happening, the relationship is a lot less stressful. Simple, it is a lot less stress when people can feel free do what they think they should. The opposite to that is suppressing your true feelings?

So who came up with this idea of one man and one woman? For what reasons? How is it beneficial to what we have today? Should we still beat our wives? Should you tell them to stay at home while you shoot the Indians or tend to your scared ass slaves? Are you afraid of the consequences, the misery, taboo, superstitions... or are you abiding by the Bible? Respectfully, I would like to know.

Today, 2012, we have well more failed relationships than we did when we were cheating. It was alright to tell your wife to stay at home. There were very few tele... and cameras. A man's word meant something. But today, a man's word don't mean shit, yet we think we're having better relationships. Do you trust your leaders? Do you listen to your parents? Do you really obey the Bible? How in the hell can you obey your wedding vows? Weak ass men, weak ass women and that is why we have same sex marriages. And that is why all our children want to do is screw and get hickeys on their necks. When families fail, economies, cultures collapse.

So what does all this have to do with one man? Where is your one man? You can't even keep them straight. How can you love Him yet detest me? A different kind of love, is an invite for coffee?

Do you remember the times of "shotgun weddings"? What happened to them? Is it that we solve the problem or forced less people to get married? One man, one woman, in what society does that work, what culture?

What do you do for the people who do not have a partner? LIke cows being led to slaughter, and in that lies the problem, but as long as you got yours, then who gives a damn.

So if you should not force someone one to marry you, how can you force them not to cheat on you? It has to be a personal choice, not mandatory requirement. How is it a personal choice when you threatening legal action to keep things straight?

I do not knock monogamous relationships if they worked, but we cannot work together in normal situations, so how in the hell can we work together in marriage? If we cannot control ourselves and children now how can we if we never admit the problem? Oh yeah, there is a few happy marriages out there, but few compared to the masses of unhappy marriages. As I said, we do not want them to succeed and we’re getting further and further away from those principles to allow you to succeed.

There is too much hype and pressure put on our marriages today and yet we go dancing off into the sunset.

Baby’s name, look at all the crazy names we’re giving them anyway that does not link to shit, because they ain’t married. Look at all the disease, cheating politicians, preachers, leaders… we have today and they are married. Is it not better to be alone than to be unequally yoked?

Stop throwing the baby out with the bath water, just to save your face. Stop ignoring the problems just to lie about our marriages and relationships today. The dark speaks light. All the stuff swept under the rug has made the rug too lumpy to ignore and your relationhip is just a lumpy as that rug. Who are you kidding other than yourself, just because of a tradition and stop lying on The Lord. God had nothing to do with you and the only way you know how to keep it is to marry it.

Do you think others do not know your cheating heart?

The are getting harder and harder to maintain and we’re ignoring obvious problems, all over the notion of sharing our man or woman.

The solution is Marriage or no marriage let people be free to come and go; and maybe you will learn your lesson.

He without cheating, please stand up and be counted.

(((your inner

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