Giving You

In giving you are digging your own grave and here's why?

You can't give if you do not know a damn thing? How do you give love without expecting love in return, why?

The more you giveGiving you is wrong. What are they teaching you, why? How do you tell a people, giving them is wrong? How is giving wrong? Who’s going to give you a chance?

I used think, giving was the greatest thing I could do, even though I never could quite convince my mind and went ahead and gave anyway and now, I don’t have a damn thing. The mother fuckers to whom I gave, now look at me like, I ain’t got shit, I ain’t gave a damn thing.

What about all that I gave when I had? Will they alienate/separate themselves from you? Will they acknowledge you in their sophisticated programs?

Think about shit. They tell you the more you give, the more you receive. Charitable organizations, giving to the poor, the homeless, giving to under privileged countries, helping your neighbor, giving makes the heart grow fonder, don’t expect anything in return…

Then, you wonder why nobody gives you a damn thing. I mean if you really open your eyes and look at the situation, everything you need, all the essentials of life… are so hard to come by and/or you must pay.

Education, even unto love, just try getting married, a girlfriend, a good job…when you ain’t got a damn thing. The less you look like you have, the more we take advantage. Why don’t White Americans give to Black Americans, especially since Black Americans first gave to White Americans? Now, I am just proving my point.

Why don’t wealthy Blacks give to Poor Blacks, since Poor Blacks first gave to Rich Blacks? Well, if it wasn’t for poor Blacks, from whom would they have to choose? Why don’t White Americans give to Native Americans since Native Americans first gave to White Americans? Think about shit – giving?

Why don’t the church give back to the people who first gave them? Do you get my message by now? So if the more you give, the more you get why are poor people getting poorer and poorer? Why is a whole country in social and economic decline? Why do the greedy keep demanding more and more? Why don't banks, insurance, auto, fast food companies give you anything?

Why do they give it to places like the Red Cross, McDonald's House, Salvation it because they get a return on their investment? Are you a debt or an asset? Why do historical Black stuff always fold/go under, yet we can keep the Statue of Liberty? Does the statue make money?

Where is the balance? The more you give, the more a mother-fucker wants? It just seems to be the nature of modern day man. The people who we reward, are they truly deserving? Now, we just got a brand new kind of President, all of us thought was great, even if you did not like the man. We knew it was time for this kind of President, but we just could let it last long. To whom should he give his attention?

Should his attention go to those most deserving or just to those who can make shit happen?

In this world today, it is all about those who can make shit happen. So, if you consider yourself handicapped, the less fortunate, I ain’t got shit, nobody is going to help me…then nobody is going to give you shit, even unto your RIGHTS. What good does it do to give to a mother fucker whose not going to do a damn thing? What good does it do to feed your hungry ass if all you’re going to do is ask for more? What good does it do to feed your own children, when all they’re going to do is ask for more? What good is it to help a man who does not want to help himself?

If you allow a person, who doesn’t want a damn thing, to come into you house, especially your heart, sooner than later, you will be in the same position. You will see it too hard to get a damn thing because you only deal with people who do not want a damn thing, only what you give them.

Only a foolish man would work for nothing. What’s your incentive for giving, if you expect nothing in return? Only a foolish person would give without reason, purpose…would they expect for you to improve? Wouldn’t that be a return on their investment? So why are we getting worse? How can you get more out of a person by treating them like shit? Ain’t nobody going to give you a damn thing.

How do we become self-sufficient so we are not always on the receiving end? How do we grow together? Why must you wait to learn how to work together? So, if you gave a people 450 years of free labor and they only got worse, what would you do, if they keep demanding more, more education, more work, more good behavior…and they talk about you like a dog? Do you know when the end is near?

Giving you, not even your grave. What about A.D.?

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