Global Financial Crisis

Lessons learned from U.S. auto makers?

Did you know how bad it used to be? How is it now? Try to explain this logic.

    Aging factories, inflexible unions, arrogant executives and shoddy quality catastrophe looms.

  • exploding fuel tanks,

  • ill-fated subcompacts

  • repeated failures

  • quality decline and family neglect. Planned obsolence!

  • could not see beyond the green piling up at their feet-Greed

  • love and money, where are you investing yours?

  • blinded to the future

  • enviro-hostile corporation

  • out of touch with the needs of the 21st century

  • lack of intimate knowledge of American consumers or any consumer.

  • boring

  • not needed

  • multiple versions of the same product under different brand names?

    If an auto maker makes $75 per hour to whom can they sale an auto? It is just a matter of time!

    Ford Pinto.

    Chevrolet Cavalier.

    Chevrolet Astro.

    Ford Taurus.

    Ford Explorer.

    Jaguar X-Type.

    Hummer H2.

    This is what happens when we do "stupid stuff". After Action Report, is it too late?

    Thank you for sharing, Art

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