Current Events

Who is reporting? Where do they originate?

The Latest Breaking News?

Hard times are only expected to get harder!

Unemployment soars; 13 million jobless and rising!

Investments in auto industry, stock market or oil? Is it still safe?

Are we Overlooking the obvious?

What about your needs, your dreams? Who is responsible?

The internet and yourself are they safer investments? Can they pull us out before it is ....? Can they pull us together?

The BIBLE For Selling Is Now FREE! Now, Who would tell you that current event? Nobody wants...?

What am I going to do? Stop dreaming and start reporting! You are the beginning and ending for current events. How else can anyone know what's going on with YOU and yours? Track and take action? Why just read, - Report. One way communications? Nothing against voting, but not fast enough and subject to compromise. Polls??? However, if it is written, it is most effective. No pressure, keep building. Search engines and statistical software are prepared. They can find you, your house, your page, count it or discard it. And You can confirm it. All from the comforts of your home or where ever you are in the world.

Bring back Public prayer, Post the Ten Commandments, Exercise your freedom of speech, before we lose it. Do you think the people see this?

Medical, see FAQs. Post your frequently asked questions? Got a problem search for a solution? Choose, verify, phone a friend, all within a matter of "minutesess" and without ever leaving home. Real time solutions to real time problems.

Does this website really belong to Arthur Ross Thomas, Photo, Confirm. Now, nobody listens to me, but I am sure they will you. Make your-inner-voice heard. Not on a social website, that is okay, but you and your family members need a personal website. No matter where you are, SEE how they are doing. Your own personal website! See what's in it for YOU.

Their own website? Journal and share Why? Who are the only people who can save us? Help break the news.

Why is there so much space on the internet? How? Why?

Waiting for you. Take your proper place, learn/teach, above all, LISTEN. Let the world know what's going with you and your neck of the woods. Don't fight it, it is here to stay and it only makes sense.

Stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, personals, family, fun and more; from any corner of the Global. From where do they originate? How best to get started? From around the world and in your neighborhood. Approximately 95.9% of us are dependent upon a few other guys, is that fair? Why? Then, why can not you record and report them? What about the spirit of good old fashion sharing, the good, bad and ugly? Now, that is taking some kind of action. Checks and balances? That is where Current Events are headed. The person who solves or help solves problems, before they becomes ?????

Our lives depend on it and your experiences make for "Current Events, interesting reading; mistakes and all. See how many countries visit my website? There are 195 countries in the world, give or take? "I do not know nothing" and my website is steady growing! We must provide more self-employment opportunities.

We look for jobs, especially during turbulent times, but what about right under our noses? So much news and so few reporters! Help level the playing field for current events and GET PAID. How is just one way how to Get Paid for BLOGGING?

If a Tabloid can do it, why not you? The BIBLE For Selling On The Net Is Now FREE!


Your BLOG!

Should you BLOG? How will you get paid?

So much news and so few reporters! What does that mean? Lessons learned...

Art, Keep sharing and thank you Mr. Ed.

Do you think the people can see this?

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